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About Us

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Since 1998

National Data Support has prepared e-briefs for filing at all levels of federal and state courts since they were first introduced in 1998, and we have filed more e-briefs in the California Appellate Courts than all other providers combined.

Our high-profile cases have included names such as Microsoft, World Trade Center, Disney, Wells Fargo, Astrazeneca, Rosuvastatin, Nestlé, Starbucks and Mylan Labs.

In-House Technology Sets Us Apart

We have been developing and refining our in-house technology from the very beginning.  The result: fast turn-around, intuitive interface and navigation, and more-than-competitive pricing.

NDS Plug-Ins

The capabilities of Acrobat™ and PDF can be augmented well beyond those of the basic software.  NDS develops custom software to address the individual needs of our clients.