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Solo Practices

The Great Equalizer

Serial e-briefs level the playing field when facing a well–staffed opposing counsel.

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For a solo appellate practice, serial e-briefs are a great equalizer. They free you to spend more time on research and writing without the need to employ support staff.

Desktop monitor showing the e-briefs app

With a serial e-brief you will:

  • Work with an organized and searchable record.
  • Search all the documents in seconds instead of “hunting” through volumes.
  • Navigate easily through the transcript using bookmarks linked to witness and examiner.
  • Add and easily return to highlighted text and sticky notes.
  • Copy text from the record and paste to other documents.


When the opposition brief is filed, you can thoroughly and efficiently review each statement and argument – linking to the referenced page, line and paragraph of the corresponding citations.

When preparing for oral argument, sometimes months after briefing is complete, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips!

Best-of-all, you’ve done it all without the need to employ support staff.