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Appellate Record

at the office…at home…on the go!

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Quickly find critical passages that support your position or call the opposing position into question


Starting with the digitized trial record, briefs and cited authorities are added as each brief is filed.

Fully linked

Pinpoint links take you - and the Court - instantly to the precise location cited in the briefs.

The Serial e–brief Advantage:

From the time the record on appeal is available, throughout briefing and while preparing for for oral argument, you will have the entire appellate record, all authorities and all prior briefs just a mouse click away – at home, at the office and on the go!
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Serial e-briefs have become indispensable to my practice. There’s no better way to share a draft with co-counsel and the client than to have NDS compile a ‘draft’ e–brief for circulation, so that each reviewer has everything available at the click of a mouse.


Serial e-briefs can go with you wherever you go.

And, yes, the hyperlinks, bookmarks, highlighting and sticky-notes work , so you can review and markup documents and save them back to your primary computer.

You can even download an updated version of your serial e-brief from NDS while traveling.
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Solo Practice? Level the playing field!

For a solo appellate practice, serial e-briefs are a great equalizer. They free you to spend more time on research and writing without the need to employ support staff.

You will work with the same technology used by the two largest appellate firms in California, and you will file your appeal in the medium most preferred by the Court.
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Affordable and dependable

Having spent the past 12 years automating nearly every aspect of e-briefing, we offer the most competitive pricing and dependable service available.

Our Proof? We have filed more e-briefs with the California Courts of Appeal than all other providers combined. Our Client list says the rest!
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